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We do everything we can to help you get the highest price for your present home.

Here's how:

1) We will take a look at your home and determine what we think it should sell for on the open market.

2) We establish a price at which we will buy your home.

Many people are happy with the price we offer and they choose to accept it right away. Or, some folks feel their present home will sell for more than we guarantee.

In that case . . .

You have up to 3 months to sell your home at any price you want.

If it sells for more than we agreed to pay you, great!
If you are not able to sell the home for more money than we agreed to pay, you still have our offer to fall-back on. You simply can't loose.

Need help Selling your home?

You can list your home with any Realty Company you choose. Or, you may decide to sell the home yourself. The Choice is yours.

Our job is to build and sell new homes.  When we help you solve the problems of selling your present home, it makes it easier for you to buy a brand new Comfort Home.