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What sizes do your sunrooms come in?
Unlike most other companies, all of our rooms are custom built to fit your exact needs.  You are not limited to predetermined room sizes.
If you need a room that is 12' 3" x 23'1" we can build the room.
If you can think it . . . we can build it.

How can Comfort Sunrooms build custom rooms for less than others charge for look-a-like rooms?
We have been building new homes for 20 years and we bring our experience and work force to your home when we build a sunroom for you. With our own full time carpenters itís much easier for us to control our labor costs rather than a company that has to hire a work force when they need it.

Does Comfort Sunrooms skimp on quality to keep prices lower than everybody else?
Nope! Not one tiny bit. A Comfort Sunroom is the best built sunroom PERIOD.

We had another sunroom company come to our house and their sale price was higher than your every day price.  Whatís up with that?
Sounds like you ran into one of those companies thatís always having a sale. You know . . . 20% Off! Last Chance! Buy, Buy, Buy, yada, yada.

Weíll you probably figured it out . . . THEY ARENíT HAVING A SALE.

When Comfort Sunrooms figures a price for you it will be the rock-bottom price. We donít jack around pretending to have sales. When we offer a discount - itís a real discount. It comes out of our pocket.

How can I know that your sunroom prices are not too good to be true?
Well, I guess the best way would be for you to buy one of our rooms and find out for yourself.
However, if youíre the skeptical type, just call a few of our past customers and ask them the hardest questions you can come up with. Theyíll tell you . . . No hidden costs! Best price! Best quality! On time service! Professional crew! Prompt construction!

Does Comfort do brick rooms?
You bet Dude! Brick rooms R us.

Do you install electrical outlets in your rooms?
Ahh . . . sounds like you have been to one of our competitors and have heard their ďwe canít do it songĒ.  They sing it so well.

Yes. We put in electrical outlets, cable outlets, telephone jacks, computer outlets, stereo outlets, and anything else you want to order with your room. Iím tellin ya . . . you found the right company.

What about roofing shingles?  Can I have roofing shingles to match my house?
The other guys said I have to do my own roofing.

Forget the other guys. It sounds like they just want to come in, slap up a room and run.

You know . . . Wham! Bam! Thank you, Mam!

Yes, we do roofing shingles to match your present home.

Is it true that Comfort Sunrooms has really buff carpenters who work all summer long without shirts?

Mom? Is that you, Mom?
Quit clowning around, weíre trying to be serious here.

What makes a 3 season room different from an all season sunroom?

A 3 season room and an all-season room look very similar when they are completed. However, there are several
big differences in the construction that make an all-season room more suitable for the winter months.
All-season rooms have:
* Thicker walls with more insulation means a room that is easier to heat
     and cool.
  * Vinyl framed windows which means no water condensation on the
     window frames.
  * Thicker windows which means a larger insulating gap between the
     window panes.
  * A thermal strip which is built inside the framework and separates the
     walls into two distinct zones.  Zone B which is a buffer zone against
     the elements and Zone A which is the easy to heat living area zone.

What colors are there to choose from?
Hereís the short answer: White, beige, dark brown, grey and custom.
Hereís the right answer: We are extremely proud of our ability to build our sunrooms to match your home so well that your neighbors will think it has always been there. We will use the right combination of brick, siding, roofing, gutters, windows and trim to make your sunroom look fantastic.

How much will my sunroom cost?
Bring a few digital pictures of the area where you would like to have your new sunroom, to our office at 2400 E. Morgan Avenue. If you call ahead we plan on meeting with you for about 20 minutes to discuss your project and give you an estimate of what it will cost to build.

Or, you can leave your pictures at our office along with some basic information as to what you are looking for in a sunroom. Then we will call you and discuss your estimate over the phone.

Or, you can Email your digital pictures to us at Whetstines@aol.com and we will get back to you with an estimate.



Where do you typically build your new homes?
To keep the cost of construction down we focus on building homes in properly developed subdivisions with good drainage, paved streets and public utilities.
We mainly build on the east and north areas of Evansville and in the Newburgh area.

What is the price range of your new homes?
We build new homes in the $150,000 - $300,000 price range.

Because we have a large crew of skilled carpenters we are able to build homes for less than a Builder who hires subcontractors to do most of the work.

What lots do you have available to build on?
We often have 3 to 6 of the best lots in popular subdivisions of Warrick and Vanderburgh counties. However, we will also buy the lot of your choice in a developed subdivision and put the house and lot together as one package.

Will Comfort Homes build anywhere I want?
Yes, provided you pick a lot that has been properly prepared for building, has public water and paved streets. We prefer not to build on lots that require excessive ground work, need a septic or a private water system because these types of lots will often have unforeseen problems that drive the expenses way up.

What if I find a good lot for sale but I donít have the money to buy it?
This happens a lot. We can purchase the lot for you and combine the home and lot into one complete package so you save money by getting just one loan and paying closing expenses only one time.

I hear Comfort Homes has a bunch of floor plans, is this true?
Yes, we have several dozen floor plans for you to choose. Each of our floor plans has been built right here in our area and have been proven to be functional and to hold their resell value.

What if I donít like your floor plans?
If you have a different floor plan, we can build from your plans.
Also, You can alter our plans to custom fit your needs. Often we rework a design to meet a budget, fit a neighborhood or just for the heck of it.


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